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Dyslexia Therapy

Children with dyslexia need a completely different approach to be successful in learning to read. Often, their confidence is low and  they need to know that someone understands what they are going through and will empathize with their struggles. Not only that, but they need a plan to measure their success. Success is not just learning to read, but the areas that matter to them outside the classroom, as well. During the initial evaluation, I create a targeted plan to get your student where they need to be. I work closely with the parents to keep you updated on your student's progress.


Reading Therapy

Reading therapy is not as intense as dyslexia therapy, but some of the same methods are used to move the student forward. When the smile spreads across their face, it is truly priceless. Again, I create a targeted plan to ensure success so that you know and understand what we are working on. 


Psychology & Counseling

With a Master's degree in Psychology and Counseling, I listen closely to my students to make sure their emotional well being is improving also. The spark of hope that fills their eyes is pure joy to my heart. It is a fabulous feeling and these events are celebrated! When I was in elementary school, I would flunk every test I took. The teacher would bring me back to sit beside her desk and my grade would improve. Then in college, I had to take a remedial reading class. I was so humiliated! This is the same sting that my students feel when they are having problems with learning to read. I empathize with all the emotions that come with having a learning difference. 

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