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My favorite part about what I do is watching the

confidence of the kids begin to grow.  When I first 

begin working with a student, they are fragile.  Often,

a child comes from a less-than-ideal situation, and

they feel self-conscious and defeated. They need to know

that someone understands what they are going through

and has a plan to empower them. 


As a former struggling student, I remember how it feels to NOT be at the top of the class in spite of working incredibly hard. (I struggled horribly with comprehension and even had to take a remedial reading class in college). That sting of humiliation is very real. In our family, we have three special needs children, all of whom have symptoms of dyslexia. We have been a homeschooling family now for over 15 years and all three boys are able to read, write and spell with confidence.

Someone once asked what my "superpower" is. Although I don't have a superpower, I have a "grit" and tenacity that continually drives me to empower the students I work with.


Education and Certifications:


Louisiana Baptist University (Shreveport, LA)

  • Master of Arts, Psychology, Counseling 

  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Counseling


Reading Interventionist Certification  (Online)


Payne Education Center (Oklahoma City, OK)

  • Certified Academic Language Therapy Training


Academic Language Therapy Association, (Austin, TX)

  • Certified Academic Language Therapist, 2014 - present, License Number 4333

  • Qualified Instructor (QI), 2020



About  Dana 

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