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"Dana is very compassionate, knowledgeable and skillful when she works with my daughter. My daughter comes with her own unique challenges regarding her dyslexia, and Dana has really taken the time to work with her in a way that is effective for her specifically. We have tried other various methods with no real progress, but my 10 year old daughter is making clear progress with Dana and she is more confident about trying to read, write and spell. The Take Flight program is the explicit, systematic, sequential and multi-sensory program prescribed by the Orton-Gillingham method. We both love that therapy is online from the comfort of our own home! I would highly recommend Dana Brenner as a Dyslexia Therapist."


-Katie Kasubaski - Oregon, WI



After 1 year of Take Flight instruction, we lost my daughter's dyslexia tutor, couldn't find one nearby, so decided to try an online tutor. The Payne Education Center in Oklahoma City highly recommended Dana Brenner, but I wondered if my daughter could really get it without a physical tutor right there in the room. We soon learned that Dana was a knowledgeable, kind and enthusiastic tutor who really  knew how to work with children. My daughter would look forward to getting home from school, getting out her snack and eating while she set up things for her session. She loved using the tablet and Dana kept her actively involved. Most importantly, my daughter thrived, learning her lessons well and made excellent progress. I would highly recommend Dana Brenner as an online Dyslexia tutor!!  


Christina Stanford, Oklahoma City, OK     



My daughter has struggled with reading since kindergarten. She’s now in third grade and she was diagnosed with dyslexia. I knew we needed outside help to get her to the reading level she should be at I searched and searched and only found places 45 mins away. I saw a sign for Dana and decided to try it. We met and started working with her the next week! My daughter loves Dana! She brings out the craziness in my daughter but still teaches her! I’m so glad we found Dana! I highly recommend her if your child is struggling! So far we have seen a huge difference in my daughter!!! As soon as we are complete with a session my daughter is begging to go back the next night!!! Thank you Dana!!!!    

Anita Barr, Shawano, WI

Nicholas - Marshfield, MO

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"Dana was fun and energetic making learning easy! She was able to personalize learning to my son's needs. She cares about the student's interests outside of tutoring to help build a relationship with them.  I greatly appreciate everything Dana has done to help our son." - Christina Roberts


"We really can not thank you enough! It’s been tough work but she absolutely loves you and everything you have done to help her. I have never seen her take to a teacher like you! You are such a blessing. 

We are looking forward to the months to come. It’s exciting watching her grow and be confident and be ok when she doesn’t get something! We are so proud of her and so grateful for you! There has been a lot less crying the last two months and it’s wonderful."


Jill Gillmore - Kenosha, WI

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